A&R Machining Calgary

A&R Machining Calgary

The gold standard for high quality precision work, guaranteed every time.

At A&R Machining, quality is the core of our operation. This dedication to precision allows us to consistently produce and deliver components that meet or often exceed our client's expectations time and again.


To guarantee this success, we implement the following criteria which are rigorously followed for all the components we manufacture:

  • Every job goes through first-off, in-process and final inspection steps to ensure compliance with customer requirements
  • All materials are tracked to guarantee customer specifications
  • Our machinists are qualified and fully trained on all machines
  • Equipment is purchased new with documented maintenance schedules
  • All measuring tools are regularly calibrated to ensure precision
  • Customer communication is open and transparent
  • Parts delivered on-time and to print


We encourage open dialogues with our clients.  Our goal is to create long term relationships with all of our clients.  No matter the size of the job, you will always be treated with the courtesy and respect that you deserve.  Our goal is to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction with our service, delivery times, and pricing.  At A&R Machining, it is the owners themselves that are in the Calgary shop personally making your components.  This hands on, artisan approach means that our targets for precision and reliability are not just written on paper, but rather imprinted on every part we manufacture.


A and R Machining Calgary
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